Beer Bottle Cakes for Unique Wedding Anniversary

Beer bottle cakes for anniversary of the wedding are one good idea for every couple to consider. In the wedding anniversary, every person needs to express themselves. This is because the anniversary is the celebration of the wedding that has been going on. You will celebrate that you already pass the first year of the marriage.  In here, you will also pray for the good things that will give you good affect in the nest years occurred in the wedding. So, as you can see, it is really important to make or choose the birthday cake look well.

For this one, you can choose the beer bottle themed cake for the birthday anniversary. This maybe sounds weird but the beer bottle cake will good for your anniversary with your partner. Beer is a drink that contains alcohol which can makes you drunk. This beverage was only drunk by the male, but right now it is also drunk by the women. The beer theme in it will make you remember several events when you have a date with your partner. This will make you remember the joy and sadness you have in both of the wedding and dating that makes you come in this part.

Now, for the main topics, there are few kinds of anniversary wedding cake with bottle beer theme to see. First, it is the beer bottle cap anniversary cake. This is a really unique birthday cake that looks alike giant cake. The color of the birthday cake depends on the color of the cap. However, you can still arrange the taste. Second, it is the sugar beer bottle cake. This is the anniversary cake that look alike the real beer in the wooden bucket. This has sweet vanilla taste. You can make the bottle real or not depend on your choice in

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