College Graduation Cakes Theme for Wedding Anniversary

College graduation cakes are one of the things to remember when you want to celebrate your anniversary. The college graduation is one thing that you will always remember when you are married. College is the last education that you will usually take as the requirement for the job. This is also usually the one that many companies that seek as the measure for your quality. However, it is also the hardest among the any other kind of education you had taken before. Some people even need long time to graduate from the college. So, this will be one of the fine moments in your life.

The college graduation is also the good choice for wedding anniversary cake. In the wedding anniversary cake, you will not only remember the times you spend together but also the event that you both go through together. Since you and your partner are both have already taken the university degree, then you guys must understand this thing. You will both understand the happiness and hardships that you go through in the university. You will understand this moment and share this with your partner in the wedding anniversary whether you guys go to the same university or not.

Now, in this article, there are some good graduation cakes for anniversary you should try. First, it is the zebra print college graduation cake. It is the popular design of graduation cake which is the stripped vanilla or chocolate cake with the graduation cap topper. The graduation cap can be big or smaller depend on the taste. Second, it is one in minion graduation theme cake by the K. Noelle Davis. It is the anniversary cakes with the influence of the minion character from the despicable me movie series. This anniversary graduation college cake is also quite popular

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