Colorblock Maxi Dress Is Never Boring

amanda tribal colorblock maxi dress

Colorblcok maxi dress is never boring. Colorblock is an idea of combining main color with other main colors. Usually they are blended horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Colorblock for maxi dress helps you to reduce the gap of your body. Besides, maxi dress keeps your bumpy and fatty legs. Good combo color of Colorblock maxi dress makes your petite body to be taller and wonderful as a model.

Good Combo of Colorblock maxi dress

Maxi dress in Colorblock is fun. Although it only blocks of color, good combination make it pretty. Take an example, the contrast one, blue and pink. They may seem fight each other, but it is stunning and bright. For summer, you can combine yellow, orange and pink to make your appearance cheerful. You can buy your Colorblock maxi dress or make it by yourselves as a kind of DIY project.

How to combine Colorblock?

If you have difficulties to blend or combine the color, you may ask help for color wheel spectrum. Search out in the internet and you will find colors and their tones arranged well on the wheel. Put the color side by side on your skin and you will get your own pretty Colorblock ever.

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