Disney Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale wedding is something that maybe many girl dream of. It surely will be a very glamorous and unforgettable wedding ceremony. Being a Disney princess and marrying a handsome prince are most of girls wish for in their lives. So, why do not you create your own fairytale wedding?

Some Tips for A Fairytale Wedding

The first one is about the wedding dress and suit. Choose first, whether you want to be a Snow White, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, the long-haired girl Rapunzel, or other Disney Princess. It will help you and your husband to decide a suitable wedding dress and suit. Do not reluctant to mention fairytale as the dress-code of your guests so that they will attend the ceremony with fairytale costumes. Do not forget to plan a fairytale honeymoon. If you have sufficient budget, you can go to some places that are related to Disney. You may go to Disneyland Park in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, or Hong Kong. If not, you can make over your room with some accessories related to Disney to create the feel of fairytale.

A Fairytale Wedding By Toni And Eric Oxford

As reported by Daily Star, On Friday, 2 January 2015, Toni and Eric Oxford held their wedding ceremony. The thing that made their wedding was so amazing is that they did it in fairytale theme. Toni herself was a big fan of Disney. She loved to dress up like princess. That’s why she wanted to hold her wedding with fairytale theme. On that special day she went to the wedding venue as Belle, while Eric looked fabulous as the Beast. Well, besides the couple, their families and guest attending the ceremony in Disney fairytale costumes also. Toni’s mother, Mrs. Scaplehorn, was amazing in Cruella De Vil costume. There found some guests who happily costumed as Snow White, Elsa from Frozen, Tinker bell, and some others.

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