Dollar Tree Wedding Supplies

Dollar Tree wedding supplies are highly recommended for you who look for complete and qualified wedding stuffs with low price. Dollar Tree Inc. itself is American chain variety stores that sell items for $1.00 or less. It is headquartered in Virginia and operates more than 4500 stores throughout America and Canada. You can find the store address next to you by searching on its official website.

Dollar Tree Wedding Supplies

So, what kind of wedding needs that i can find in Dollar Tree? The answer is: so many! You can find much stuff related to wedding here. Some of them are vases for guest tables, glass bowls for candies, traditional folding fans as the gift for the guests, bridal gift bags, paper party cups and plates, plastic table covers, ribbons, and some more. And the good news is that each of them is sold for $1.00. Yeah, only $1.00. It is not a joke. If you do not believe, just check it on the website of Dollar Tree. You can purchase what you need on line besides go to the store directly.

 Dollar Tree: a History

If you want to now closely about Dollar Tree, here is a brief history of it. Dollar Tree stores are stores that sells many product such as party and wedding supplies, foods and snacks, health and beauty care products, housewares and toys. It was found by Doug Perry, Macon Brock, and Ray Compton in 1986. It was firstly named as only $1.00 Store. There are only five stores at that time, one in Tennessee, one in Georgia, and three in Virginia. In 1993 the name was changed into Dollar Tree as a marketing strategy of the store. From the late of 1990s until 2012, Dollar Tree has opened more than 4500 stores and reaches the income up to $9.13 billion.

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