Functions Wedding Canopy

wedding canopy chandelier

Wedding canopy is one of ornament which exists in a wedding party. Every couple who will get married definitely want the perfect wedding in their own life, foods, wedding dress, wedding cakes, entertainment, room’s decor and also wedding’s canopy. This canopy have several functions, there are:

Wedding canopyis used to protect from the heat or rain.

 In addition to aesthetics, this canopy can also serve as protection from the sun or rain, if you want to help your wedding party in an outdoor.

To beautify or embellish your wedding party

Canopy also used for being an ornament to beautify the hall room. Besides, canopy can also use to cover the part of the building which is less attractive. For example, parts of the ceiling of the building. And the canopy also can be used to covering the wall.

Canopy can liven up the atmosphere in the building by mix and matching colors and customize it with your wedding theme. Canopy is usually placed on the altar at the wedding which is held in the outdoor. However, in selecting a canopy for decorating wedding hall you we recommend it for you to choose soft colors like cream, pitch, baby blue, or pastel colors.

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