Polka Dot Wedding Dress Types

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Polka dot wedding dress might be one of great idea if you want to wear an edgy dress but still look elegant in the other way. Polka dot is a pattern that consists of many filled circles on the dress. The size of the circles on a dress is normally the same and has the same color as well. Formerly, you hardly find polka dot in formal occasions. However, with the development of fashion, there are tons of formal clothes that offer polka dot pattern.

Polka Dot Wedding Dress Ideas

Polka dots became a common on clothing starting from the late 19th century, and the first trend setter was the people in the United Kingdom. As for example, Christian Dior offers a gorgeous wedding dress with polka dot pattern and beige as the coloring base of the dress. Polka dot is considered very simple, but somehow gives a luxury at the same time. Perhaps, this pattern is the first trendsetter of the luxurious simplicity era.

Development of Polka Dot

Polka dot is not only becoming simple dots on a dress. Fashion has developed its style and therefore, you can find a lot of styles of polka dot. There are even white dots on a white wedding dress polka dot style if you want to have a pure white wedding dress with many dots. Moreover, you can that there are some wedding dresses with more than one type of dots on a wedding dress. You can choose them according to your taste while holding your wedding.

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