The Decoration of Muslim Wedding

Muslim wedding is held through a series of very solemn customs and traditions. In the Muslim teachings, marriage is human nature to make a more worthwhile life. It is expected that the marriage can bring the couple a better life in the future. With marriage, Muslims hope to give birth to the next generation for the nation, the state and religion.

The Series Of Muslim Wedding Traditions

Wedding starts with consent qobul that follow the rules of Islamic law. This moment is accompanied by the prayers and blessings from relatives and invited guests. Choose the meaningful wedding decoration, makeup and dress. After the ceremony is complete, the couple bride can do the next event in accordance with the customs in their respective cultures. The bride’s dress is designed with long models combined with a special veil.

Muslim Decoration For Wedding

The main entrance can be designed with a dome shape that comes with brown cloth. You can bring a natural combination of fresh flowers for the reception room. The main room will look beautiful when it is dominated by golden, brown and orange color. All colors and patterns should be combined properly to turn on the joy in the room.

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