The Freshness of Backyard Wedding

Backyard wedding is perfect held during the summer. This is because the summer temperature and humidity is very supportive for outdoor events. It is the first choice for those of you who are bored with the marriage inside the building. You can more freely to express all of your ideas and creativity in organizing and planning an outdoor wedding. Who does not want to get an outdoor married with blue sky as the roof and green grass as the rug? There are nobody cannot resist the sensation.

The successful key in backyard wedding

The main key is the right planning and preparation. You need to create a different idea so that your wedding becomes an unforgettable moment by all the guests. Do not ever apply excessive decorations since outdoor wedding only requires a simple and minimalist concept. The elements of nature have made ​​its own beauty in your wedding party.

Use the right ornaments

If you like sweet and feminine theme, you can use ribbons, flowers and balloons as the main ornament. Adjust the ornament colors with other decorations such as tablecloths and chairs. Choose a lightweight wedding dress with a simple accent, so you are more flexible to move.

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