The Rustic Burlap and Lace Wedding

burlap and lace wedding bridesmaid dresses

Burlap and lace wedding is identical with the concept of natural and beautiful rustic. Burlap and lace can be used for decoration and favor. Besides, it also can be placed as ornaments at the dinner table. This concept is similar to the shabby chic that applies pastel colors. It is chosen because it brings the natural freshness. Both indoor and outdoor wedding fit to apply the concept of burlap and lace.

Unique Burlap And Lace Wedding Favors

Actually, you can make a DIY favor of burlap and lace. All you need is a unique ideas and creativity. Maybe you need to visit a store to get inspired accessories that suit your wedding concept. As a reference, you can wrap the decorative candle with lace as your favor. It also can be applied to the Mason jar and photo frame. It looks sweet and simple.

The Advantage Of  Burlap And Lace

Although cheap, if they are designed properly, they can produce something interesting and original. For decorating a wedding party, use burlap as welcome banner. The dining table will be sweeter with lace tablecloths. In addition, a bouquet of flowers as centerpieces will also look romantic when wrapped with burlap and lace.

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