Traditional Persian Wedding Ceremony

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Persian wedding ceremony is something attracting to discuss, especially the traditional one. The ceremony is full of rites and traditions. If you want to know more about it, just keep reading.

Persian Wedding Spread

The wedding spread, in Persian called as sofreye aghd, is an elaborate spread set up for the wedding ceremony. It contains some foods and decorations that symbolizing special meanings. The items on sofreye aghd are a mirror; two candelabras; seven herbs; seven pastries; a decorated flatbread; decorated eggs, walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds; heavenly fruits like pomegranate, grapes, and apples; a cup of rose water, a bowl made of a crystalized sugar; a brazier holding hot coals sprinkled with esphand; honey; coins; and a Holy Book like Qur’an for Muslims, Bible for Christians, and Avesta for Zoroastrians. A tasbih, that means rosary, and a prayer rug are also added by Muslims couples.

Persian Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony, called as aghd, is the main rite of the wedding. It begins with a recitation of some verses from the Holy Book or romantic poem from Rumi, Saadi, or Hafez. During the recitation, a silk cloth is held over the couple’s heads by some of their relatives. Next, the marriage official asked the bride, three times, whether she wants to marry the groom or not. After the bride says “yes”, they are officially pronounced as husband and wife. Finally, they exchange the wedding rings and dip their little finger in a bowl of honey and put it in each other’s mouths.

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