Unforgettable Kandi Wedding

Kandi Wedding is a reality show that aired on American television channel. It is a documentary program starring black couple; Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker. The television program attracts the attention of American society as it is packaged in a unique and real setting. The quite interesting thing in this wedding is that Kandi appearance. She looks very elegant and attractive.

The concept of kandi wedding

Kandi appear attractive in a transparent lace dress. She looks sexy and very confident. She wears a little crown that makes her look adorable. This style is actually very classic yet modern and stylish in Kandi. This proves that beauty is not based on skin tone or race, but it comes from inside. Kandi let her hair fall freely to confirm the feminine impression.

All-white decoration

Actually, the concept of this wedding is very simple. The guests can come to feel the solemnity of this wedding that is attended by family and close relatives. Match with Kandi, Todd also wears a white coat with a bow tie. This makes him look neat and authoritative. There are many candles around them as the decoration of wedding altar. It is simple but it gives the meaningful impression.

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