Various Sari Dress

Sari dress might be a good idea to be worn especially if you are fans of Bollywood. Sari is a garment that originally comes from South Asian. It consists of a drape that varies from 4.5 up to 8.3 meters in length and 60 up to 120 centimeters in breadth. South Asian women usually wear it by wrapping the sari around the waist. The sari is connected with grace and becoming a symbol of Southern Asian women.

Sari Dress Definition

There are various recorded ways to wear a sari, about 80 ways. Furthermore an Indian designer named Shaina NC claimed that she can drape a sari in 54 different styles and she still learns to know more of it. Sari dress usually consists of three parts. The upper part is called a blouse and the short part named petticoat. After wearing those underdress, then comes the sari that can be varied into many styles, and you also can put your creativity to it.

Two Ways of Wearing Sari

You can find in general there are two ways of wearing a sari. The first one is the India and Indo-Western style. In this style, the sari is being wrapped to one shoulder, either left or right. The second one is Gujarat style. In this style, the sari is wrapped to both shoulders so that it looks like wearing a big scarf.

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